Junior Lifeguard Camps

Junior Lifeguard Camps are an excellent way to introduce young individuals to water safety and potentially groom future lifeguards. WASH s now offering Junior Lifeguard Camps as part of our training programs in over 30 countries. These camps serve as a foundation for nurturing a new generation of lifeguards and promoting water safety awareness.

World Academy of Safety & Health (WASH) Junior Lifeguard Camps might include the following topics:

I. Introduction to Water Safety:

Welcome and orientation to the camp

Importance of water safety

Overview of the camp rules and guidelines

II. Basic Lifesaving Skills:

Introduction to rescue equipment

Floating and treading water techniques

Basic swimming strokes

Practice in a controlled pool environment

III. CPR and First Aid Training:

Learning basic CPR techniques

First aid for common water-related injuries

Demonstrations and hands-on practice

IV. Lifeguarding Techniques:

Introduction to lifeguard responsibilities

Surveillance and scanning techniques

Communication and teamwork

Water rescue simulations

V. Water Safety Education:

Understanding rip currents and currents

Recognizing hazards at the beach or pool

Sun safety and protection

VI. Fitness and Endurance Training:

Conditioning exercises to build strength and stamina

Swimming drills to improve technique

Physical fitness challenges

VII. Water Games and Activities:

Fun activities like water polo, relay races, and more

Promoting water confidence and enjoyment

VIII. Mock Scenarios and Drills:

Simulated emergency situations

Applying lifeguarding skills in real-life scenarios

Team response and communication practice

IX. Graduation and Certificates:

Final assessments and evaluations

Presentation of certificates or awards

Celebration and recognition of achievements

X. Camp Conclusion:

Farewell and closing remarks

Feedback and evaluation from campers

Information about further training or lifeguard certification opportunities

Please keep in mind that the exact content and duration of a WASH Junior Lifeguard Camp may vary depending on your camp’s design, location, and duration.

By adding Junior Lifeguard Camps to your camp portfolio, you not only contribute to water safety education but also potentially create a pipeline of future lifeguards who can benefit from our internationally recognized lifeguard and water rescue programs as they grow older.

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